Buy Chips parts (2001-5-1)
OBSOLETE OR SURPLUS STOCK PARTS WANTED CHIP TYPE PARTS WANTED We are specialist in handling following electric and electronics components: Therefore, any customer who can regularly supply us with these parts is welcomed. We can buy any quantity on the turnkey basis if prices are suitable to us. 1. Obsolete parts or surplus stock parts 2. All kinds of Chip type parts such as I.C, Transistors, inductors, ceramic capacitors, EMI filters, Trimmer capacitors, thermistors,film capacitors, potentiometers, fuses, tantalums, resistors arrays, capacitor arrays,diodes and so on. For your offers, please contact Mr. Choi. Jon for more detailed business terms and conditions. Phone No.: +82-2-2157-6070 or send e-mail to


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